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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and they certainly could not hide their frustration with bart. they say in the last three weeks since we actually had the extension of the contract talks, that there's been very little movement on negotiations. and they are to the point where the only thing to do is to have a show of strength this way and try and send bart the message that they have support amongst other unions and they also say from the public they say they have no desire to go as far as having a strike but again, we only have until midnight tomorrow morning just a few hours from now before the unions would actually have to give a 72-hour notice of the strike. so time is certainly ticking and this is sort of a -- seems like a last-ditch effort to get their message across. allen? >> thank you. the two sides have until midnight sunday to reach a deal. unless there is significant progress the unions could issue a 72-hour strike notice tonight. negotiations broke off about an hour ago so that the union reps
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could get to that rally at the plaza. ryan takeo, any progress in the talks to report? >> reporter: both sides talked today but it doesn't seem like they made any movement. the union says it wants a fair deal but bart says with skyrocketing medical and pension costs that the workers should pay their share. >> there is no question that bart employees should get a pay raise. reporter: the question is how much. and at what cost. >> our next contract must address the skyrocketing cost of the benefits packages. >> reporter: bart projects healthcare costs will go up 6% a year for the next four years. the district says employees continuing to pay $92 a month won't cut it. >> our premiums are based -- it goes up by 3%. >> reporter: atu which represents bart drivers and station agents is quick to point out their costs go up each year. the union maintains its members pay more than bart's $92 a month claim. >> on average we are paying up to $200 a member.
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>> reporter: which number is right? >> $92 a month is the average for employees. >> reporter: the other roadblock is how to pay for pensions. bart projects pension costs will go up 4% a year for the next four years. right now they don't pay into pensions. bart says that is rare for public workers. bart keeps saying, well, they are not paying anything into their pensions. they have a sweet deal what do you say to that? >> if pension is the only thing we have, we do not receive social security. >> reporter: management is asking them to 5% toward the pension. atu wanted a 3% plus a bigger raise. >> they turned it down. >> reporter: no movement on either issue and with three days to go union negotiators say unless things change dramatically expect 72-hour notice tonight for a strike monday morning. unions say that they will be back at the negotiating table tonight after that rally,
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allen. >> all right. ryan, thanks. stay with kpix 5 and for continuing coverage of the bart strike threat. check our strike survival guide to plan your commute alternatives on the website right now. late this afternoon a jury found a former san jose elementary school teacher guilty of molesting his students. 36-year-old craig chandler was found guilty of performing sexual acts with five-second grade girls. prosecutors say it happened in his classroom at o.b. whaley elementary school during recess. chandler will be sentenced in september. earlier, the school principal was convicted of failing to report the suspected abuse. a judge threw the book at the cleveland man convicted of kidnapping and traumatizing three women for years. ariel castro will be locked up for life. but before heading off to prison, he heard haunting words from one of his victims. reporter jaricka duncan was in the courtroom. >> reporter: sentencing day for ariel castro was independence
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day for michelle knight. >> i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. >> reporter: knight was the only vic tell you who came to court -- victim who came to court. investigators say castro i am pregnantnated her five times in -- impregnated her five times in captivity and forced her to miscarry. >> you will die a little every day. >> today was the first day of her liberation. she was able to confront the person that harmed her for 11 years and the pain and the angst that she suffered for 13,226 days. >> reporter: when it was his turn to speak, castro said he is not a monster. >> i'm not a bad person. [ indiscernible ] that's totally wrong. as god is my witness i never did what they said i did. >> reporter: the judge sentenced castro to life behind
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bars without parole plus 1,000 years. >> he took three young women out of their significant relationships they had in their families, their communities and the time of their lives and you made them slaves and you treated them as if they were not people. >> reporter: michelle knight smiled after the judge locked up castro for the rest of his life. jerica duncan, cbs news, new york. >> the families of the other victims read statements on their . a manhunt ends up with a robbery suspect in handcuffs. they searched block by block near the california check- cashing store on story road after a man demanded money from the store clerk and fired several shots. for almost three hours this morning, homes were on lockdown as police tried to find that man and the guns. >> fortunately for us we located him and as it stands
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now nobody -- no innocent civilians were injured. >> we are told the suspect was injured during the arrest. police found the man hiding in a backyard of a home but no one was injured in the robbery. other bay area headlines. mosquitos carrying west nile virus keep turning up in santa clara county. that means more fogging. there will be another round of it in san jose tonight weather permitting. this is in the berryessa area just northwest of the airport and just south of milpitas. the fogging is scheduled to start around 11. new smoking ban just took effect in petaluma. it's now illegal to light up in a apartments or other multi- unit housing as well as hotels. smoking is also banned in many public areas. well, they have already been through enough. but now victims of the deadly asiana airlines crash say that attorneys are taking advantage of them. dozens of passengers who were on board flight 214 as it crash- landed at sfo suffered tremendous injuries. ntsb reports that some
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attorneys are soliciting the victims as clients. it's against federal law for lawyers to contact victims of airplane disasters for at least 45 days. local authorities are investigating. after six decades a bay area finally finally got the proper burial for their fallen american soldier. a motorcycle honor guard saluting officers and dozens of american flags all served as a tribute for army sergeant first class joseph steinberg. he died as a p.o.w. in south korea back in 1951. his remains were returned to the bay area this week. family members describe a sense of closure at today's service at san bruno's golden gate national cemetery. >> when i saw them lowering his urn into the grave with his brother, it felt complete. we don't have to worry about him anymore. >> there's still thousands of missing men out there that need to come home. so we hope this is just one in
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a long line. >> steinberg was buried alongside his three veteran brothers. another promising political career in shambles. >> there's now a pattern of poor judgment and bad behavior. >> a rising bay area politician charged with prowling the neighborhood nearly nude. >> a texas traffic stop nets one of the most notorious men in america. >> and unseasonably cool around the bay area today and now the warmup and the day this weekend you can expect to be the warmest. the pinpoint forecast as the news continues right here on kpix 5. >> and we're keeping an eye on that growing labor rally at frank ogawa plaza on behalf of bart workers. we'll update that for you right after the break. ,,,,,,,,
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crowds... as a rally in sup of bart workers gets underw. it all kicked off about 10 mobile5 live in oakland at frank ogawa plaza moving through the crowds now as a rally in support of bart
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workers gets under way. it all kicked off about 10 minutes ago. unions and labor groups from across northern california are participating in the effort which calls attention to issues like pay and worker safety. here's a live look at the scene from above from chopper 5. the group is planning to march to bart headquarter at 6 p.m. following this rally. george zimmerman has had another run-in with the law. this time, he was pulled over for speeding with a firearm in the glove box sunday just outside of dallas, texas. zimmerman reported to the officer he was carrying a weapon and was let go with a warning to slow down. >> are you clear of warrants? >> yes, sir. >> no outstanding warrants. just take it easy. >> zimmerman has stated out of sight since he was acquitted of the murder of trayvon martin. he didn't say why he was in
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texas or where he was headed. we are extremely disappointed. obviously this is not a positive development. >> after a month in the moscow airport, nsa leaker edward snowden leaves and disappears. >> it could be the most interesting google search ever setting sail from san francisco for the dead zone. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill.
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did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that?
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today. karen caifa (kay-fuh) report nsa leaker edward snowden can stay in russia for a year. the country granted him temporary asylum today. karin calf fa reports the white house is not happy. >> reporter: asylum is approved. this is his attorney showing his document. the move ends more than a month of limbo in moscow's airport. snowden has legal status in russia for a year. the white house needless to say was not happy. >> we have extremely disappointed into the russian government would take this step despite our lawful request to have mr. snowden expelled to the united states. >> reporter: president obama is supposed to attend a summit in russia next month. >> i don't have a scheduling announcement for you today.
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but obviously, this is not a positive development. >> reporter: the program purportedly revealed by snowden deals with nsa monitoring of internet and phone traffic. wednesday the guardian newspaper published more classified information on another initiative called xkeyscore which the report said gives the government a vast ability to see a person's internet history. so what do americans think about snowden's actions? according to a poll conducted by abc news and the "washington post," 53% of those surveyed in july support him being charged for disclosing surveillance info up 10 points from the month before. in washington, i'm karin caifa. >> these photos show him leaving the moscow airport after being stuck inside for more than a month. his whereabouts are secret. the germans want justin bieber to pay up for leaving his monkey in munich. the pop star didn't have the right paperwork to bring his pet named mali into the country when he came for a concert tour
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in march. so she became the property of the german government. now they want the biebs to pay $4,000 for her care. he will have to pay up the next time he visits germany or could be denied entry. a google research ship is going to study the mysteries of the sea. the $60 million ship called falcor is part of a project. the 272-foot vessel will carry scientists and submarine to canada and hawaii. the key part of the voyage will include research in the so- called dead zone which is a lifeless area of the pacific which suffers from a lack of oxygen. a grape harvest kicked off in napa this morning. here's a look from chopper 5 over the mum napa facility. crews got out there to pick the grapes. winery managers say because the weather has been so good, harvest started a week earlier this year.
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today we got a break in the haze. it was a early and the last time we have seen this early harvest was in 1994 and then in 2004. so it's been a while. >> goodyears. >> a benign weather forecast. live kpix weather camera looking towards the golden gate bridge. seamless skies at this hour. wind is whipped up and scoured out the low clouds and the areas of fog currently 62 cool degrees. san francisco we're in the low 70s to the south in san jose. winds blowing west-northwest. currently this is the scene in dublin east of the bay. it is clear and breezy and 77 degrees westerlies at 16. clouds roll in for most of us tonight. tomorrow morning we'll start out gray and then it will be warmer for most. the extended forecast calls for
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a very steady weather pattern. tonight numbers in the 50s and 40s. new moon on the way by august 6. futurecast supports the fact that we have limited stratus at this hour and the morning commute. there it is playing tag with ocean beach in the sunset district. otherwise it wipes away earlier tomorrow and that will add to some ample sunshine and the end result some warmer temperatures. sure still subtropical moisture to the south of us. upstream this is the story. it's a long wave true and it's not going anywhere very quickly, thus the very stable and steady weather pattern. so if you are heading to sonoma for the county fair, this weekend, very nice. in the mid-70s with lots of sunshine. average high in oakland 73 degrees. 70 to 73 actually. so spot on for this time of the year. we're talking 67 degrees as a high tomorrow in san francisco. warmer in the tri-valley in the mid-80s couple of degrees below
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average. low 80s in napa through sonoma into glen ellen. the extended forecast, not a lot of activity through the extended forecast through this time next week talking about seasonal highs from the 50s and 60s at the beaches, in the bay in the 60s and 70s, inland highs under 90 degrees which my pg&e bill would like very much. just crank open the windows, right? >> a little bit of relief is always good. he was a rising star in the democratic party. now sonoma county supervisor ever front carillo is accused of breaking into a woman's apartment just in his underwear. da lin reports his political career is coming to an end quickly. >> he has lost credibility and would be hard for him to represent voters. >> reporter: one of the biggest donors to efron correa is asking him to step down. >> his actions brought shame
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and disgrace to sonoma county. >> reporter: this is a picture of him in court two weeks ago after he was arrested for breaking into a woman's home through a bedroom window wearing only his underwear and socks. 3:30 in the morning. his attorney says the 32-year- old politician was simply trying to share drinks with the woman. investigators say nice try. they believe he was trying to sexually assault the woman. less than a year ago, he was also arrested outside of a san diego nightclub for fighting. >> he is guilty of poor judgment and bad behavior. >> reporter: the north bay labor council and another union donated thousands of dollars to acarillo's re-election campaign last year. two arrests in one year, they are done with him. carillo is on paid administrative leave. he makes about $150,000 a year. his attorney says carillo is at
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a rehab facility getting help with his drinking problem. sonoma county supervisor is disappointed but hopes he can turn his life around. >> it's been a distraction. i think we're moving on and taking care of the business at hand. >> reporter: while many voters want carillo out, a long-time friend still supports him. >> the facts aren't known in the case. there's been a lot of speculation and people are quick to judge. >> reporter: in santa rosa, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> supervisor carillo and his attorney didn't return our calls for comment but his next court date is august 30. an airport is no place to test the rules. >> a california couple just learned that lesson the hard way. >> really you're splitting hairs over three minutes? >> how a quick bathroom break nearly flushed their entire hawaiian vacation down the tubes.
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you may have a really popul pin number if your bank account has been hacked or maybe you found some fraudulent charges on the debit cards you have, listen to
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this. you may have a really popular p.i.n. number. you should change it. according to a study by data, 25% of all p.i.n. numbers are easily predicted. how about 1, 2, 3, 4? that is the most popular code believe it or not followed by 1111. coming in third, 0000. 1212 is fourth motor commonly used and rounding out the fifth place is 7777. how late do you push it when you fly? well, you may not want to push it at all. sue kwon reports some airlines are strictly enforcing a 45- minute rule. ♪[ music ] reporter: this 70th birthday surprise in hawaii almost didn't happen. in april, bill hicks and his girlfriend kristin planned to drive his dad and the rest of his family in honolulu. >> the trip of a lifetime, eight, nine months of planning and all this covert operations where he wouldn't find out. >> reporter: but the couple
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says a stop by the bathroom at the sacramento airport before the morning flight caused them to check in at hawaiian airlines counter 42 minutes before departure time. the airline canceled their reservation saying the cutoff to check bags was 45 minutes. >> really, you're splitting hairs over three minutes? >> reporter: bill's mother who was already with his dad in hawaii waiting thinks the airline just wanted to double sell those seats. >> they were making a profit, a big profit on them. >> reporter: to make the surprise, bill and kristin paid $800 more flying another airline. >> you want to play in their playpen, you got play by their rules. >> reporter: cbs news travel editor peter greenburg says airlines cracking down on the 45-minute rule is just one of the many ways they are maximizing profits. >> all the airlines are doing is filling the seats the way they want to. >> reporter: hawaiian airlines tells us the couple showed up 40 minutes before the flight not 42. and, quote, we're sticklers about these times because accepting customers later than this invariably causes flight
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delays. as a courtesy, hawaiian credited the couple nearly $390 for their tickets. a tough lesson but they are glad it didn't ruin dad's 70th birthday surprise. >> everything that he has on his bucket list was carried out in hawaii. >> reporter: the couple could have flown standby on hawaiian the next day but then they would have missed their father's flight. now, hawaiian rule is that you have to have your bag checked 45 minutes in advance of the flight. you have to be at the gate 30 minutes before. now, these times vary depending on the flight and the airline. so it's good to check the rules before you take off. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> if you have a consumer complaint, call our hotline at 888-5-helps-u. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." bob schieffer in for scott pelley tonight. >> reporter: a cyclospora outbreak has made hundreds sick but where is it coming from? we'll take you inside the investigation and explain why it's so hard to trace tonight
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on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ogawa plaza in oakland. sev unions and community groups ng in support of bar before we go another live look at frank ogawa plaza in oakland from chopper 5. the crowd is growing as unions and community groups rally in support of bart workers. from the plaza they plan to march to bart headquarters. there they are going to protest against issues such as pay and safety. they have until sunday night to reach an agreement on a new
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contract. otherwise, we could see another strike come monday morning. we will update this story of course at 6:00. and you can find the most up- to-date information always on our website, also new at 6:00 tonight, it's a favorite destination for summer recreation but there are big problems on the russian river. why the drastically low water levels are not just because of a lack of rain. >> and roundtrip from the bay area to l.a. every hour! the quick and convenient flight service being launched by delta and why it's not for everyone. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. all right. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news" is next with bob schieffer. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on >> see you back in 30. captions by: caption colorado
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>> schieffer: tonight, he showed no mercy. he gets none. but before ariel castro hears his sentence, he hears from one of the women he held in his house of horrors. >> you took 11 years of my life away, and i have got it book. now your hell is just beginning. >> schieffer: dean reynolds is at the courthouse. bob orr on russia granting asylum to n.s.a. leaker edward snowden. major garrett has white house reaction. that cyclospora outbreak has made hundreds sick, but where is it coming from? >> i don't know what to buy. i don't where to go eat. >> schieffer: dr. jon lapook has the latest on the investigation. and this was a six-year-old when he came to america. this is him now. elaine quijano on how an afghan boy got his childhood back.


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